Our Lord Jesus Christ the Perfect Teacher


All Seminarians, students, clergy and religious must be willing to give their work, life and support to the church in the Service of God.

The Church in turn will take care of all Seminarians, Religious and Clergies through the assistance of Benefactors and colaborators.


It is with profound gratitude to our Lord for His manifold blessings that we welcome you to the Byzantine Fathers Seminary website. An Orthodox Catholic Seminary of the Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church, an academic unit of The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Theological Institute that offers traditional and distance undergraduate and postgraduate certificate and degree programs across several disciplines certified to train candidates for ordination and other ministries within the Orthodox Church. The objectives of the Institute are to prepare men and women for leadership in the Orthodox Church, and moreover, to advance apostolic diakonia and outreach in Latin America and Africa, by creating an environment that fosters growth in knowledge, faith, spiritual life and experience, orthopraxis, and service. The Institute's work complements the apostolic ministry and response of the Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church to our Lord's command to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19).

Marriage is not a barrier to Holy Orders, Most of the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Disciples were married, except John the beloved, the youngest that was not married. At the beginning of the Church, the earlier Bishops, Priests, Popes and Patriarchs were married till eleventh century when celibacy became compulsory in the Western Church known as Roman Catholic and the Eastern Church known as Orthodox has maintained the Holy Tradition of allowing married men to Holy Orders, a tradition that was observed by both lungs of the Church before the separation of East and West.  Late Pope John Paul II rightly put "it is time to allow the both lungs of the church to breath together again".

Entry requirements and Admission:

  • Admission forms are obtained from this website free and downloaded here Application Form without a fee, the completed forms and documents are to be submitted with the teller of Processing Non Refundable fee of N5,000.00 ($50.00). BYZANTINE ORTHODOX CHURCH  Account Number: 0173567512 Guaranteed Trust BANK. Completed Forms and Documents should be sent to Byzantine Orthodox Church, P. O. Box 04, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Candidates for degree programme should possess the basic entry requirements to Nigerian universities: at least five credits including English and Mathematics and of course Christian religious knowledge.
  • The candidates for certificate course should demonstrate sufficient interest and the ability to study theology which is established using the admission exams and the oral interview.
  • A written exam and an oral interview are conducted for all prospective candidates.

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Orthodox Quotes

"The Lord shows us that we ought not to answer those who ask a question with malicious intent (cf. Mt. 21:23-27). For He Himself did not reply to those Jews who questioned Him with cunning, although He was not at a loss for an answer.


Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church in Union with Syriac Patriarchate of Antioch